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Before owning a DSLR, and before a phone could take a photo worth bragging about, I was a little ten year old burning through disposable Kodaks like nobody's business. This is where my passion started - on the Florida beaches during family vacations when my dad would get irritated with how quickly I used up all 24 shots supposed to last me a week in paradise.


My love for photography grew as I did, first as a curiosity in high school art classes. Through Facebook, I found an amazing artist community in Minneapolis filled with young people all discovering their love for visual arts. We quickly became family, hosting meet ups in parks where we would create until the sun went down. Conceptual photography is what I most connected with through my teen years, and it was how I learned Photoshop like the back of my hand. Soon enough, my friends were graduating high school and needed their senior photos done. Then it was family photos, which turned into weddings, and maternity photos.


A few years later I moved to Los Angeles and started working with brands and developing content. Instagram was now a key player in a business' marketing strategy, which meant they needed photos to fill it. Living in Los Angeles, you're forced to become a jack of all trades. This is how I began dabbling in graphic design, which skills I still utilize today.  Eventually I began a life of travel, which has allowed me opportunities to photograph Paris Fashion Week as well as work with countless international models/agencies. 


I moved to Phoenix soon after, and from a DM on Instagram, became the photographer for North&Co., an exploding real estate brokerage with over 200 agents. This kickstarted corporate photography with headshots, events, ad campaigns, and having the opportunity to see my work on billboards as I drive by in disbelief. North&Co. has always been incredibly supportive and as a result I was able to start full time freelancing with photography in January of 2019. Now I've recently come full circle, making the move back to Minneapolis with a renewed love for this city, the art and culture it nurtures.


As I've made it to adulthood without losing faith in myself or my passion, the daunting (yet incredibly rewarding) task to create a life with the skills I'm developing is up next. Stay tuned next time on, 'What is she up to again??'.

Published in Dark Beauty Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, Luxe Magazine, Arcadia News

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