My 2017

April 28, 2017


Living in Los Angeles has been crazy. It has it's high highs and low lows, and is one hell of a city. For the sake of trying something new, I moved away. I put myself in the middle of the mountains where the cacti are mighty and the sand is plentiful- sun kissed Arizona. In 2017 I've relocated to the desert, switched around jobs, and yet continued to travel. In February, my boyfriend and I spent one week driving around Iceland and enjoying all of the whimsical landscapes. It's been an adjustment owning my own apartment and still trying to prioritize travel, but when it's a part of you, it's not easy to ignore. I'm happy to say I've started to figure out a balance, and also found someone to accompany me on my trips! Next we jet off to Paris and Marrakech.

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