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Hi! I'm a Brooklyn-based product, beauty, and food photographer.

My childhood passion turned self-taught career has left room for curiosity. 'What do you notice? What do you wonder?' These are questions I use to dig deeper and be intentional with everything, from lighting to crew and client experience. I love crafting small moments within an image that harmonize to form a final product. My lighting style seamlessly bridges the gap between vibrant grit and soft tones, mirroring the energy of significant moments and the calmness of life's little joys. 

When I'm not creating beautiful images, I'm likely...

- visiting family in Minnesota

- promoting accessible community with industry friends

- on a search for bodega cats around the city 

- without cell service (18m underwater or scrambling up a mountain) 

Published in's Guide to Product Photography

The New York Times

Well + Good

Oxygen Magazine

Luxe Magazine


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