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Jillian Lenser headshot on about me page
Jillian Lenser Photography greeting Hello handwritten by Jillian

I'm Jillian, a Brooklyn-based product, food, and beauty photographer.

My childhood passion turned career has allowed room for curiosity. "What do you notice? What do you wonder?" are two questions I use to dig deeper and be intentional with everything from lighting and framing to crew and client experience. I love creating small moments within an image that work together for a final product. My lighting style brings a grounded connection into the studio by recreating natural light with a modern approach. 

When I'm not creating beautiful images, I'm likely . . .

- visiting family in Minnesota

- working with industry friends to promote accessible community

searching for bodega cats around the city 

- somewhere without cell service (18m underwater, on a flight, or scrambling up a mountain) 


Select Client List

Caribou Coffee   IHG Hotels   Bissell   Kaplan   Regalo   Waterloo  Thymes Reser's Fine Foods   Skeem   Tribe Alive   The Bu   Madluvv   Flewd     

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